There is no doubt that the spectrum of digital marketing; including personalized URLs, online analytics and social media tools, now make it easier than ever for companies to identify, track and measure their consumer audience.
So how do these tools breathe new life into traditional marketing methods such as direct mail? This is one area where online components have really taken a firm hold. Using traditional methods in direct mail requires weeks and months to gather feedback & determine ROI. By integrating online, months are now reduced to hours, as companies harness the ability to micromanage lead generation & lead nurturing programs.

Now, companies are metering click-through rates and visits to landing pages coupled with onsite traffic analysis to measure real-time response and gain faster insight into what works and what doesn’t.

This has a big impact on creative agencies, who are monitoring their campaign results for clients. If campaigns aren’t performing at the desired levels, it can easily be replaced with more compelling content to draw the desired audience.

Integrated and interactive marketing has the ability to enhance traditional programs because it is trackable, targeted, adaptive and cost-effective.
Traditional programs such as direct mail are not to be abandoned– rather, they are best when integrated with digital to optimize the consumer connection.

It’s not about getting rid of one in favour of the other. It’s about uniting the various channels into one strategic platform.