If you are a growth-minded B2B Company and you are currently struggling to leverage the power of modern marketing on a limited budget– and lacking a senior marketing resource– Fractional CMO Services might be the right solution for your needs.

Profile of best fit often includes:

  • Loosely organized or non-existent marketing departments
  • A need for both strategic and day-to-day marketing leadership
  • No strategic plan to execute against
  • No one to tactically manage the implementation of a strategy

Benefits include:

  • A higher return on your marketing investment
  • The insight and leadership of a veteran marketing professional
  • A close, day-to-day working relationship
  • More flexible schedule and fee arrangements
  • Knowledge of modern marketing best practices
  • A fresh, objective perspective injected into your marketing discussions

Typical outputs include:

  • Analysis of the business plan and creation of dynamic overall marketing strategy
  • Management of the tactical implementation of that strategy
  • Modern marketing implementation with powerful, scalable technologies
  • Refined messaging and positioning that differentiates you from your competitors
  • Structure/restructure your marketing department
  • Expert mentoring of in house marketing resources
  • Reporting metrics from marketing automation/technology to determine ROI

If you’ve been trying to find the right fit and function for your marketing needs, fractional or virtual/PT services may be the solution for you. It’s our specialty! We have worked with over 70 different companies– we’ll be able to quickly determine if your business would thrive with this model.

Drop me a line at karen@themarketinghub.ca if you’d like to have a conversation.