We recently supported a client who was seeking to harness multichannel marketing strategies to promote a significant corporate event.

This B2C client wanted to use all the latest tools to reach their clients; email marketing (HTML and txt) and social media via their communities on Twitter and Facebook but also using “old school” methods including print invitations (delivered via Canada Post Unaddressed Mail), phone calls and signage at the exterior of the business. Note: email campaigns included social media links and vice versa.

The online channels will be easy to measure, as we track the attendees by their Twitter handles and Facebook fan profiles. The real wildcard here is the percentage of attendees from the hardcopy mailer. It was an interesting exercise to plan the household counts and maps, which is required if you know the area that you want to target. If you are unsure of your target neighborhoods, Canada Post offers GeoPost Plus, to aid in determining your quantity and delivery schedule.

The event is being held shortly, so we look forward to analyzing the best source of leads/attendees. Our bet is on email marketing ranking #1, with social media as a close second (or equal)…