Noting the LONG duration since my last blog post, I can’t help but inwardly shriek. I am guilty as charged when it comes to “the cobbler wears the worst shoes” analogy of the marketer who doesn’t practice what they preach in their own business.

When it comes to maintaining an online dialogue, these days it’s all about short & sweet. And when you’re busy building marketing programs and developing ROI for clients, it’s very easy to let your own online presence suffer.

The challenge for marketers today is that we are evaluated within a NANOSECOND. In this line of work, when you want to learn more about someone, you hop on Google, punch in their name and instantly get the 411. We are measured by blog posts, online personas on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and by the depth and frequency of our contributions. An absence from the blogosphere triggers the impression that we aren’t active, not engaged or disconnected from our audience.

There’s also the element of the fickle marketer. We have love affairs with assorted marketing channels and sometimes, one suffers for the love of another. As well, most marketers I know are Type A, moving at 100 miles an hour, full throttle types. So to devote a few hours to crafting meaningful blogs, which spawn the conversations—it’s a challenge, to say the least.

Less is More. So here is my commitment: shorter blog posts with useful and (possibly) interesting content.

Some people do a weight loss challenge. I’m doing a walk-the-talk challenge. Let’s see  how it goes….