J. Crew is one of my favorite retail brands, for many reasons. Not only have they re-invented themselves time & time again, but their clean look and visual styling is always bang-on and inspires the consumer to buy in to their lifestyle aesthetic.

Thanks to the American First Family, J. Crew’s designs have constantly been in the headlines, including the white bow tie it made for President Barack Obama, outfits worn by First Lady Michelle Obama in high-profile interviews from David Letterman to Vogue, and the green gloves she wore to the inauguration. (Those are said to have caused a stampede to the company’s website that actually caused it to crash briefly.)


When it comes to email marketing, they really do walk the walk. Their campaigns are concise and to the point. They are well designed and aesthetically pleasing. I open all of them so I’m happy to say I’m a contributor to what I hope is a greater than 20% open rate 😉

J. Crew has a lot of experience in email marketing, since they began way back in October 1997, when they teamed with NetCreations to devise a method to take advantage of this previously untapped resource. NetCreations developed custom e-mail delivery software to aid J. Crew in their new endeavor. At the time, J. Crew stated that email marketing proved more cost effective than other strategy it had employed.

Flash forward to 2009 and email + online marketing has proven to be the backbone of J. Crew’s marketing success. They are integrating email + social with great success.

Here is a recent campaign, featuring a Facebook Fan promo:


And when you accept the call to action and visit the Facebook page:


And when you become a fan, here is the offer you receive:


Not only are they also integrating social media into their campaigns with their embedded widgets, but they are creating exclusivity offers for their social community to drive interaction and increase activity within the communities.

Love it!

Next on their promo list should be–free shipping to Canada–on a regular basis 🙂